Robbers sought after pistol-whipping man leaving for work

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A man was robbed by two men at gunpoint Tuesday morning as he opened his garage door, walked outside and went to his car.

The robbery happened on Shady Breeze in the gated Shadow Lake community in southwest Houston.

"Pain in my head right now and I hurt and my lip and the whole of my body," said the victim.

He says one robber's face was covered and the other was exposed. He told Local 2 the robbers pistol-whipped and kicked him, then stole his wallet and iPhone.  His face is badly bruised and stitched up.

He told Local 2, "It's really so painful. Because I work every day, make a living for family. Right now I get hurt, so it's really hard. And I have a family to take care of."

Even as he was brutally attacked, he would not let the robbers into his home. The kitchen door was locked.  His wife and children were inside.

His neighbor Bob Robinson told Local 2, "I just think that he was a hero. He basically put his life on the line and under threat of death to prevent the intruders from getting in his house. I just think he's a hero and I'm glad to shake his hand."

His wife heard the attack and the men asking for jewelry. She called 911, but did not open the door.

Neighbor John Rice said, "I was right here sleeping. It happened at 6 this morning. I didn't hear a thing. That's not good."

Houston police confirm they are investigating this case. No description of the suspects has been released at this time.

The victim says robbers recently targeted his home, but they were arrested.

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