Robber attacks trophy store clerk

Police search for robber

MAGNOLIA, Texas - Magnolia police said a woman was attacked and robbed while working at a trophy store.

Just after opening the shop at First Place Trophies, the woman said a man came in posing as an interested buyer.

"He asked for the price and height of the trophies up on the case," she said.

When she turned back around, she said he attacked her, grabbing her head and pulling her to the store's bathroom.

She said he shoved her inside and slammed her face against the bathroom mirror.

"He told me to not come out of the bathroom, then he slammed the door. I was able to get down and lock myself in with my feet," she said. 

Police said that's when the man searched the office for the cash box.

When she heard him leave, she said she ran out of the bathroom and into the parking lot, screaming for help. A delivery man saw her and called police. 

The robber got away with about $200 and is still on the loose.

If you know anything about this crime, you are asked to call Magnolia police at (281) 356-2500

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