Ring of squatters trying to take homes

A lawyer discovered a group of people filing legal paperwork and trying to take ownership of more than 60 Houston properties

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Since Local 2's story first aired, Constable Rosen said his office has received tons of calls from people who claim to be related to the deceased, Dorothy Lowe. 

He is scheduling meetings with them to also determine if there was a will and who Lowe left the house to.

"I think it's a real problem," said Lisa Mathews, a lawyer who discovered a group of people filing the same legal paperwork and trying to take ownership of more than 60 properties around Harris County. 

She told Local 2, others are attempting to do the same things as what these women are trying to do to Lowe's house.

"I have found four names that appear in a lot of the documents, three in almost all of the documents," Mathews said.  "It's the same attorney preparing them and the same notary.  I can't speculate to their motives but it doesn't look good."

The women accused in Lowe's case are trying  to obtain "adverse possession."  It refers to circumstances under which one may lawfully claim ownership of property that does not legally belong to them.

"Adverse possession is there in the statute for a reason, it promotes the use of property," Mathews said.  "But it's not there to unfairly steal people's property and that's kind of what I feel like these people are doing."

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