Retired federal agent defends home, family against robbers

One suspect has been arrested

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

PONDEROSA FOREST, Texas - Thieves who carried out a home invasion picked the wrong family to target in northwest Harris County. Investigators say the homeowner was a retired federal agent who was armed with a concealed handgun.

One of the suspects is in jail and faces several charges.

Neighbors who live in this seemingly peaceful community weren't completely surprised to find out a group of armed men tried robbing the family who lives in this home off of Ponderosa Pines Drive in northwest Harris County.

"I was watching TV and I heard three gunshots, quick rapid gun shots and that's what made me get up and see what was going on. But that point you just see a bunch of people standing outside," said one neighbor.

Harris County investigators say the homeowner, who is a retired federal agent, pulled into his driveway with has family late Sunday night after going to a funeral when they were jumped. Deputies say the suspects were holding their guns, wearing masks and were demanding money.

"The suspect actually fired at him first and then the retired federal agent returned fire, striking the suspect at least twice, causing the suspect to flee," said Deputy Cooke with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office says that 19-year-old gunman was later found at nearby hospital. He was treated there for bullet wounds to his buttocks and leg and later taken into custody. Meanwhile, the people we spoke with here say they are happy their neighbor fought back.

"You know most people don't expect you to have a weapon to defend yourself as long as you have a concealed gun, gun license. Well, that's what we have," said the neighbor.

The family that lives here was not hurt. Deputies tell us they are working to track down the other suspects involved in this crime.

The name of the suspected robber in custody hasn't been released.

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