Restaurant Report For Sept. 29: Slime In Ice

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - From salad to sushi, we've got it covered in this week's Restaurant Report Card. But you may not be craving what KPRC Local 2 consumer investigator Amy Davis found inside some local kitchens.

A fresh salad is usually a healthy option on most menus, but at Jason's Deli at 10321 Katy Freeway, inspectors watched an employee drop the cover for salad ingredients on the floor then pick it up and put the cover back on the food without washing it.

At the Golden Hunan Chinese Restaurant at 2953 Bingle, inspectors asked employees to "clean the rodent debris off of the lid on the flour."

At the Tokyohana Grill at 3239 Southwest Freeway, inspectors condemned 112 pounds of food declared "unfit for human consumption," including 46 pounds of raw fish used for sushi they said was too warm.

There was slime in the ice machine at Tia Maria's at 4618 Dacoma. At Tokyo Bistro at 5709 Woodway, the slime was black!

Health inspectors say they've noticed a significant increase in calls since we started the Restaurant Report Card five weeks ago, so keep those complaints coming. Inspectors usually make it out to the restaurant to investigate within 24 hours of your call. You can file a complaint with the City of Houston Health Department online or by calling 311.

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