Restaurant Report For Nov. 10: Roaches

Roaches not on the Menu

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HOUSTON - From French fare to a bakery in the Heights, we're doling out grades in this week's Restaurant Report Card. 

At TGI Friday's on the Gulf Freeway near Fuqua, TGI could stand for "there's gnats inside." Inspectors said they saw the pesky insects buzzing around the bar.

Here's a first for our Restaurant Report Card: At Udipi Cafe and Chaat House, 5959 Hillcroft, inspectors said there were "adult roaches roosting" inside the cabinets. That doesn't sound good.

There was a live roach was found on the wall in the kitchen at Jimmy Wok at 2268 West Holcombe.

At La Baguette French Bakery on Wilcrest, inspectors found rodent droppings in a food store room, under the sink and in a closet.

The roach patrol saw a roach in the boiler room and one near a sink at Shiv Sagar at 6662 Southwest Freeway. There were two live roaches and several dead ones on the floor at Ocean Palace at 11215 Bellaire Blvd.

And just down the road at Thanh Da Quan,13090 Bellaire Blvd., inspectors said there was a roach infestation in cardboard boxes of food under a table in the kitchen.

At Kraftsmen Baking at 6111West 22nd Street, inspectors said there were flies and other insects in the kitchen.

Someone was hungry in the kitchen at Cafe Express, 5601 Main Street. Inspectors said someone left a half-eaten donut on top of a shelf in a food prep area.

The Houston Food Ordinance says that employees cannot eat or drink in the kitchen if it could result in contamination of other food or cooking utensils. Drinking from a closed, non-spillable beverage container is allowed.
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