Restaurant Report Card for Dec. 8: Roaches & rodents

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - You may not want a sip of what health inspectors found at one upscale wine bar, and "I'm lovin' it" wasn't what they said when they walked into the kitchen of a local McDonald's.

The wine at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park may be smooth, but the "clear tan" slime on the chute of the wine bar's ice machine got the place written up by health inspectors. 

This may cure your craving for some comfort food. Inspectors said the cheese sauce at the Luby's at 11595 Fuqua was "not safe for human consumption." They said the sauce was prepared the day before and held at 65 degrees. They tossed 39 pounds of the stuff.

Inspectors said they saw a live roach in a cabinet at the sandwich station at Cali Sandwich Fast Food at 3030 Travis in downtown Houston.

Inspectors said they saw several roaches all over the Smoothie King at 3651 Weslayan.

At Trish Bida at 11130 Beechnut, inspectors asked management to keep the roaches under control.

Employees were trying to control flying insects at the McDonald's at 4005 Elgin, but inspectors made them move the bug zapper they had mounted above the food preparation area.

At Bat Dat Restaurant at 11021 Bellaire, inspectors wrote there were rodents in the kitchen and store rooms and food was exposed to contamination by rodents, droppings, urine on shelves, containers, equipment and tableware. The owners of Bat Dat agreed to close temporarily to correct the rodent problem. The restaurant re-opened six days later with the Health Department's approval.

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