Restaurant Report Card for Dec. 29: Rodents & slime

HOUSTON - No matter what your fortune cookie reads, you probably won't be feeling lucky when you hear what health inspectors found at a Houston fortune cooking processing plant.

At Southern Noodle at 6518 Wilcrest, inspectors noted "evidence of rodent activity," including droppings in the processing areas and fresh mouse droppings on a food container storage cart. They said the equipment was filthy and there was no hot water at the sink where employees are supposed to wash their hands.

There were more rodent droppings at the United Sisters Restaurant at 8731 West Bellfort. The sisters may be united, but inspectors said they're not doing enough to put up a united front against the rodents.

At Guayaba Latin Grill on Highway 249 near 1960, inspectors found dead insects on the floors, under equipment and in a sink.

At Carrabba's on Woodway, inspectors told employees not to serve the ice from the machine with pink and tan slime build-up on the ice chute. In the bar, they say they discovered brown residuals on the soda gun nozzles.

Out east at El Huarche at 6320 Lyons, inspectors said employees put a pot of meat in the mop sink used to empty the old mop water.

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