Restaurant Report Card for Dec. 1: flies & other bugs

HOUSTON - This week's Restaurant Report Card shows why you may want to take a fly swatter to some local eateries.

That may be more than a Blizzard you hear buzzing at the Dairy Queen in the 6227 West Little York. Health inspectors noted "fly activity" in the food prep area.

They asked a manager at Burn's Old Fashioned Pit BBQ at 6314 Antoine to minimize the presence of flies.

At the Souper Salad at 1574 West Gray, inspectors noted not only flies, but a black insect inside of a bulk food container of flour.

The black bugs inspectors found at the Rioverde Taqueria on Telephone Road and the Tapioca House on Bellaire Boulevard were unmistakable -- cockroaches.

Inspectors said there was no hot water at any of the kitchen sinks at the Popeye's, 16425 Imperial Valley.

You can look up the most recent inspection for any restaurant in Houston on the Houston Health Department's website.

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