Restaurant Report Card: Rodents acceptable in Houston restaurants?

How's this for refreshing? Slime in the ice machine at Jamba Juice

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Apparently some rodents are acceptable in Houston restaurants, or at least that's the story Consumer Expert Amy Davis got in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

At Live Oak Bar & Grill at 10444 Hempstead Hwy, we found the business crowd enjoying lunch; but health inspectors say rodents were snacking on some crackers in the restaurant last week. According to the report they "condemned 5 lbs. of crackers gnawed by rodent activity" and noticed rodent droppings in the food prep areas and storage room.

"What about the droppings?" Davis asked manager Jesse Lavielle. "Had you not noticed those?"

"We clean every morning, so of course you notice some," he said.

"If you see droppings, then obviously there's a rodent problem," Davis continued.

"I wouldn't say problem, no ma'am," Lavielle replied.

"So some rodents are okay?" Davis asked.

"Uh, in Houston, you're gonna have rodents in every restaurant," he answered.

It was roaches that concerned health inspectors at the Outback Steakhouse at 12130 Dickinson Rd. They wrote they saw roaches throughout the food prep and dry storage area.

Inspectors saw a lone roach crawling inside a prep cooler of the Los Cucos in Willowbrook Mall.

At Savannah Cafe' & Bakery at 14020 Old Galveston Rd. inspectors found mold growing in a one pound container of ricotta cheese.

And how's this for refreshing? Pink and gray slime in the ice machine at the Jamba Juice on Post Oak near The Galleria.

This is refreshing: A's for perfect inspections. This week they go to George's Pastaria at 1722 South Dairy Ashford and Mark's at 1658 Westheimer.

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