Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, roaches and more roaches

It was so hot in the kitchen at Aloha Grill the employee in charge didn't want to go inside

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert
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HOUSTON - Exterminators should have their hands full in Houston this week, if what health inspectors found in local restaurants is any indication.

It's hot in the kitchen at the Aloha Grill at 11805 Westheimer, so hot the employee in charge didn't want to go inside. Outside, he told Consumer Expert Amy Davis not to take his picture; but he told her she was welcome to go in and take a look around.

Davis first noticed a small roach on the way to the kitchen. The critter met his demise on the bottom of an employee's shoe. When health inspectors stopped by the Aloha Grill, they say there were "lots of roaches" in the condiment box, on the meat slicer and food contact surfaces.

San San Tofu at 6445 Wilcrest boasts healthy fast food, but there's nothing healthy about the dead roaches inspectors found on shelves, the floor and on bags of supplies.

There were more roaches at the Au Bon Pain inside The Shops at Houston Center on McKinney downtown.

If you're keeping count, there was one roach on a wall at the Hartz Chicken at 5780 Hollister.

Add one more hanging out at Sicily Pizza & Pasta on the 290 feeder at Hollister.

Inspectors asked employees at La Baguette French Bakery at 6108 Wilcrest to put out fresh traps and bait after they saw rodent droppings there, and they asked an employee at the Alphorn Bakery at 1100 West Dallas to kindly remove the cigar stub from his mouth while preparing food.

Our A's this week go to Mariposa, the cafe inside Neiman Marcus at The Galleria, and Burger King at 7607 West Tidwell. Kudos to both places on their spotless inspections.

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