Restaurant Report Card for May 23: Off-temperature foods at several spots

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

Some of Houston's more popular restaurants had health code violations this week, according to Local 2's Consumer Expert Amy Davis.

At the Churrascos River Oaks location, the inspector found potentially hazardous food. It was off-temperature by more than 10 degrees.

The restaurant's manager told Davis a cooler wasn't doing its job and it has since been fixed.

"We had a prep cooler that was running 48 degrees in the middle of the shift, but it's currently running at 38," the manager explained.

They had the same problem at Katz Deli on Westheimer. Inspectors said a non-working walk-in cooler meant beef chili, stuffed cabbage, milk and cheese soup were all too warm and potentially hazardous.

Crawfish, meatloaf and fish were off-temperature at Canyon Cafe across from the Galleria.

At Chang's Chinese restaurant in the 5700 block of San Felipe, the inspector saw a waiter picking up chips from the floor and putting them back in a bowl.

They found old hot dogs at the Sonic drive-in in the 9400 block of Mesa. On May 17, the inspector found a tray of hot dogs in the cooler dated April 5.

There were flies in the kitchen of 59 Diner in the 17,000 block of the Tomball Parkway.

And inspectors found a major health hazard at St. Joseph Hospital. They called areas of the facility on La Branch, "rat-infested."

We found perfect inspections this week at Indika restaurant in the 500 block of Westheimer and Anivil in the 1400 block of Westheimer.

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