Restaurant Report Card for Dec. 22: Recycled Food

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Featured in this week's Restaurant Report Card -- a place you wouldn't intentionally go to grab a bite to eat, but after you hear what health inspectors found, you might need to check in.

Most folks who go to Ben Taub Hospital aren't expecting a fine dining experience, but you might not expect what the city of Houston Health Department found. Inspectors had to tell staff not to recycle any foods from patient food trays after one worker tried to save some uneaten buns to serve to someone else.

They also noted two dying roaches on the floor.

The roach inspectors spotted at the Saffron Kabab House at 5711 Hillcroft was alive and so was the one they noted near the drive-thru window at the McDonald's at 5512 Bellaire.

At Kiran's in the 4100 block of Westheimer, inspectors asked employees to continue with regular pest control treatments after spotting a roach by the cook-line and another by the dish machine.

It's mice that have health inspectors concerned at El Petate at 7433 Canal. They say there were rodent droppings on shelves and the floor and a rodent hole in the wall of the storeroom.

If you spot something in a restaurant that you think needs investigating, you should contact the Health Department right away. They can usually send an inspector the same day. In the case of suspected food poisoning, it may be the only way for inspectors to test the food you think may be tainted.

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