Residents warned about python on loose

Snake spotted at Esplanade Apartments near Hermann Park

HOUSTON - It's not something you normally see every day, but one Houston neighborhood near Hermann Park has a python on the loose.

Esplanade Apartment residents got a letter warning them of a 12-foot long python at their complex.

Houston Zoo Reptile and Amphibian Supervisor Judith Bryja said the python probably is a pet that escaped.

The city of Houston's regulations on exotic pets only allow pets that are 6 feet long. That means the 12-foot long snake is in violation with the city's law.

Bryja said pythons are not venomous, but they can bite.

"A 12-foot long python is nothing to sneeze about, but it couldn't kill anybody or anything," said Bryja. "If a snake got out, it would just be looking for a place to hide. It wouldn't be hungry. It wouldn't be looking for anything else. It would be stressed out."

If you come across a python, do not touch or mess with it, but call animal control.

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