Residents say potholes reappearing soon after $200K road project completed

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Ken Rice lives on Dunlavy Street near Alabama in Montrose, an area known for broken streets and potholes. He thought he was going to have some relief.

"It's a lot better than it was before. It's nice to be fixed and repaved it in parts of the potholes," said Rice.

The more than $200,000 project was completed last June and in less than one year, large dips in the cracks started showing up. Residents are outraged, frustrated and are trying to understand why this road is already having problems so soon after the project ended.

But a city representative for The Department of Public Works and Engineering says they don't know why it's happening, so an investigation is now underway. However, some of the possible causes include aging infrastructure or broken water lines. At some point, the city says it may have to tear up the road again.

Rice just thinks all of this is a big waste of taxpayer dollars.

"If it's because they just went through and slapped a layer on top of it and sort of get a Band-Aid, it seems like it may have been a waste of money," said Rice.

City officials don't know when it will begin repairing the road again. 

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