Residents concerned over dangerous intersection after 4 crashes in 1 month

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Neighbors are demanding action over a dangerous intersection in Highlands after four crashes in the past month.

"They need to slow down through here, really," resident Joel DeMott said.

Residents said the intersection at North Main Street and East Houston Avenue is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous intersections in Highlands. Four major accidents have occurred in the same location in the last four weeks.

Surveillance video from a nearby home shows the latest crash Tuesday morning. An El Camino was struck by a small sedan.

"I think he tried to pull out and he was gonna reverse real quick, but he didn't get moved quick enough. But he just took the hit," DeMott said.

Those who live near the intersection said there's one main cause.

"It's mainly the traffic speed. This is a 35 mph zone, and most people travel it -- myself included -- at plus about 40 or 45. And then there's a lot of people that travel 60 plus," DeMott said.

"It's the speed mainly that the problem is right here. They're flying down, flying down 70 miles an hour," resident Tanner Revils said.

He and his family moved into their home two weeks ago. They've already had two accidents wind up in their front yard, including the one Tuesday.

"I've already talked to my landlord and next weekend we're putting concrete poles up right here. It's for our safety. It's our residence," Revils said.

Residents believe the only way to make the intersection safer is to add stop signs or a stop light, or at the very least a larger presence by law enforcement.

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