Residents complain of construction noise

Resident: Work, noise goes all hours of night

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A $21 million construction project that runs along Shepherd between Westheimer and Buffalo Bayou promises to reduce the risk of flooding in nearby homes and business.

Workers are improving the drainage system and putting down new pavement, traffic signals, sidewalks and curbs. Some people in the area consider the construction work a blessing, but others say it's nothing but a headache.

Several residents have complained to the city about the loud noise and work being done at all hours of the night.

"It sounds basically like a crash-up derby in your house every single night," said Donnie Stokes, who lives one block away. "It's the entire night. The house shakes. You can put a glass down and watch the water vibrate in the glass. It's crazy."

Stokes said the noise is keeping his entire family awake at night, especially his 8-year-old daughter Ava.

"My daughter can't sleep at night," he said. "She's having trouble staying awake in school."

Stokes told Local 2 he has complained to the city but so far the work at night continues.

City officials said the work is scheduled to take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week and isn't supposed to be complete until August 2015. They admit they have received complaints from neighbors.

A spokesperson at the Public Works Department said the project manager is going to talk to the contractor about doing the noisiest work during the day and keeping things quieter at night. The spokesperson said they're hoping residents will like that compromise.

"There's no way I can go a year without sleep," said Stokes. "I'm not trying to stop progress, I just want them to be more considerate of the people who live here."

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