Rescued dog from Sochi finds home in Houston

Dogs in Sochi reportedly poisoned, shot in effort to clean up streets before Winter Olympics

By Bill Balleza - Anchor

HOUSTON - A dog rescued from the streets of Sochi just days before the Winter Olympics has found a family in the Houston area.

The dog was one of many rescued after reportedly being poisoned and shot in an effort to clean up the streets before all the tourists arrived. Thanks to a massive outpouring of support, some of those dogs were saved.

A long 6,000-mile journey for the rescued dog ended with belly rubs and kisses at Houston's Bush Airport. The pup's new owner, Carol Davis, said bringing him to Houston was a mission of love.

Davis plans to call him Stetson and she hopes he'll feel right at home on her ranch near Sealy.

"I wish I knew how to say hello in Russian," Davis said, holding her dog.

The language may be different, but it's clear Stetson and Davis already have a bond.

The founder of a border collie rescue group said when she saw what was happening to dogs in Russia, she knew she had to take action.

"I thought if I could just take one, that I can save from the streets and give him a life, it will be something I can carry the rest of my life and my dog's life," said Davis. "It was just some special thing I wanted to do."

Davis said it was such a great experience that she is considering adopting another dog from Sochi.

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