Rescued collies start road to recovery

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Dozens of collies removed under a federal court order from a Tomball woman's home Friday are now on the road to recovery.

Local 2 was allowed access to the undisclosed location where the 106 dogs are being treated. Volunteers now call the Harris County ranch Camp Collie.

Last week a judge ordered Dr. Elaine Kmiec to surrender the dogs as part of a bankruptcy settlement. Kmiec, an optometrist, claimed she was breeding and selling the dogs. But neighbors say she was hoarding them.

Vickey Willard, president of Houston Collie Rescue stepped in removing the dogs from what she says were horrible conditions.?

"We're seeing a change, they're happy they're running around they're clean," Willard said.

The dogs are now receiving critical treatment from volunteers like veterinarian Babbi Dilbeck who came all the way from Tennessee. Dr. Dilbeck says she has hope for all of the dogs, even the sickest one who has a severe skin infection.

"A bath and antibiotics and he's already starting to improve," Dilbeck said.

Houston Collie Rescue says they've been inundated with requests for the dogs, but there will be a strict process before any are released for fostering or adoption.

Willard says home and background checks will be mandatory.

"These dogs have been through a very difficult life and we want to make sure rest of their future is going to be wonderful," she said.

There will be a hearing later this week where a judge will decide whether to officially grant Houston Collie Rescue permanent custody of the dogs.

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