Relatives Of Man Charged With Murder Testify In Trial

HOUSTON - Relatives of a man accused of killing his pregnant wife took the stand in his defense Thursday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

David Temple is accused of killing his 8-months pregnant wife, Belinda, in their home on January 11, 1999. Belinda Temple, 30, was shot in the head in a bedroom closet.

There were tense moments on the stand for Rebecca Temple, defendant David Temple's sister-in-law.

"Do you remember a conversation with Tammy Harlon when you told Tammy you thought David killed Belinda?" prosecutor Kelly Siegler asked Rebecca Temple.

"Oh my God," defense attorney Dick DeGuerin shouted.

Siegler shocked Rebecca Temple with secretly recorded conversations she had with Belinda Temple's twin sister, Brenda. On the tapes, Rebecca Temple said she did not want to talk to David Temple because she did not like being lied to.

Rebecca Temple also said on the tapes that she did not want anything to do with Heather Scott, David Temple's mistress.

Rebecca Temple told the jury that she was extremely depressed, bitter and angry after Belinda Temple was killed. She said she has forgiven David Temple and she now loves Scott as much as she loved Belinda Temple.

Siegler had stressed in questioning that several family members did not tell a grand jury about a family meeting where David Temple confessed to his affair with Scott two days after Belinda Temple's death. Relatives have said they believe it is all a matter of semantics and they do not believe the word "affair" means the same thing as unfaithfulness.

David Temple, 39, was charged with murder in 2004.

David Temple and Heather Scott were married a few years after Belinda Temple's death. Prosecutors said David Temple's desire to be with Scott was the motive for the killing.

If convicted of murder, David Temple could face from five years to 99 years in prison.

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