Rasberry crazy ants invade communities north of Houston

Experts say regular pesticides from the store won't fix the problem

HOUSTON - Rasberry crazy ants are showing up now in our northern communities like Conroe, The Woodlands and Montgomery.

"This is absolutely the beginning of a nightmare for everyone in this neighborhood," said Tom Rasberry, owner and president of Rasberry Pest Professionals.

Rasberry discovered and named the Rasberry crazy ants.

According to Rasberry, these crazy ants can quickly invade an area. They can double and even triple in population in just two weeks.

Rasberry and Texas A&M Extension Program specialist Dr. Paul Nester were out inspecting a Montgomery neighborhood on Windhill Lane, where millions of ants have already invaded the area.

Experts want to advise homeowners to call a professional pest control company rather than trying to do it themselves. They said regular pesticides from the store won't fix the problem.

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