Rare, valuable gold coins found in safe

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - What may be a million dollars worth or more of uncirculated South African gold coins were discovered in an old safe that was meant for scrap metal, and now the question is, legally, to whom do these valuable coins belong?

A locksmith at Robbie's Key & Lock in West Houston told Local 2 it took weeks to get that safe open and when he finally did, inside were cases and tubes of gold coins, small silver bars and jewelry.

The locksmith secured the safe and called police. Members of HPD's precious metal unit responded and took temporary custody of the contents.

A man recently acquired the safe from an estate executor who asked him to clean out the garage of the deceased. He was asked to remove the safe from the garage and dispose of it however he wanted. He brought it to Robbie's to see if there was anything inside.

The executor of the estate found out about the discovery and staked her claim on the valuable coins.

Attorney Mike DeGuerin was called to broker a deal and tells Local 2 the coins have been returned to the executor of the estate.

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