Rain helps create bumper crop of pecans

HOUSTON - Pecans are plentiful this year all across southeast Texas.

Pecan trees are loving all the rain this year, and pecan lovers are reaping the benefits.

Denise DeLeon said she is hoping to find enough fresh pecans to make a pecan pie. But she's finding it a little difficult, since everyone else has been out picking pecans along Highway 90, too.

"I always see people when I drive through here," said DeLeon. "Maybe we got here late?"

Over at Bagley Pecans in Richmond, they buy from pecan pickers and sell pecans, too. Timpe Bagley, who owns the business with her husband, said it is very busy.

"This is turning out to be a bumper crop," said Bagley. "There's a lot of pecans."

The drought made it an awful year for all of our farmers last year. Trees were too stressed to produce anything. This year, with pecans so plentiful, the Bagleys opened up a few weeks earlier.

"Anytime Mother Nature can be kind, I appreciate it," said Bagley. "Everything we do has to do with Mother Nature."

Their loyal customers couldn't be happier.

"I like pecans," said Nelson Beckett. "A lot of people like peanut brittle. I like pecan brittle."

Since pecans are in abundance this year, the price of pecans is also much lower compared to last year.

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