Rabid bat found near Friendswood High School

School notifies, issues warning about bat

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - Students and school staff of Friendswood High School are on alert after a rabid bat was recently found near the school.

Friendswood police said they routinely pick up bats, but not all are rabies cases. Their last rabies case was back in 2010 and it was also a rabid bat.

Caleb Bell, a senior at Friendswood High School, just found out from the faculty about the bat.

"They just wanted people to know that if you see a bat around to let officials know, and then if you get bitten by one, call a nurse immediately," said Bell.

Bats and other wildlife, like raccoons and foxes, carry the deadly disease. It usually spreads when another animal with the disease bites them.

Police now want to warn everyone in the community to take the necessary precautions.

"As long as I make sure to not do dumb things, just make sure I wash my hands and keep clean," said Adrian Rodriguez, a junior at Friendswood High School.

Police said there are no reports of anyone coming in contact with the bat. They said bats are high risk of spreading disease because people tend to pick them up.

Of course, police recommend you stay far away from them.

If you see an injured, sick or dead bat, you are asked to call Houston Animal Control at 832-585-4865.

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