Questions surround missing plane

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - As the search continues Monday as to the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, there is growing speculation about what happened to the aircraft and where are the people on board.

There were 239 people on the flight, which left Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing but it never made it.

The flight all but vanished on the radar in flight.

University of St. Thomas professor and former passport officer Richard Sindelar, has his own theories because two people on board had stolen passports.

"When you have passports and a lost plane, you have to add terrorism into the mix. That could have been what happened. Both tickets were bought at the same travel agency by a fellow named Ali," said Sindelar.

"Ali" is of Iranian descent so that raises questions.

The airline release this statement, "We are receiving many queries about how the passengers with the stolen passports purchased their tickets. We are unable to comment on this matter as this is a security issue. We can however confirm that we have given all the flight details to the authorities for further investigation."

As for the cause, no one will know until the plane is found. But one local pilot, Joshua Verde, said he isn't sure a bomb could have brought the Boeing 777 down.

"The issue with terrorism is, even if a person is able to sneak a small explosive on an aircraft as large as a 777, it's not guaranteed that an explosion that small could do the damage necessary to take the aircraft down," Verde said.

There are hundreds of search teams searching the area where the plane is known to have been.

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