Puppy found near notorious dog dumping site in Crosby area

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

CROSBY, Texas - Last week, a 6-month-old Schnauzer mix named Buddy was found abandoned in northeast Harris County near the San Jacinto River, a place notorious for dog dumping.

"He was very thin; rib showing," said Rhona Heffernan of the Animal Safety League.

Buddy was found near the spot where close to 100 dying animals were rescued last year in what officials called "The Crosby Puppy Massacre."

Some of the dogs had been shot, others beaten and tortured. They were discovered along Highway 90 about 20 miles outside of Houston.

The heartbreaking scene prompted several agencies to take action through the Crosby area initiative. Law enforcement, animal rescue groups, the Texas Department of Transportation and the Harris County District Attorney's Office launched an aggressive effort to discourage animal dumping. As a result, concrete barriers, fences and warnings signs were erected.

"This initiative is working. In fact, we have seen an 80 percent reduction in animal abandonment in this area," said Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

They're not stopping there. The countywide battle against animal cruelty is constant. There are so many trouble spots and only two prosecutors to handle the mounting caseload.

"There's a lot of investigations open and it's a constant revolving door," said Assistant District Attorney Jessica Milligan.

No arrests have been made in the Crosby Puppy Massacre. Many of the surviving dogs have been adopted. Anderson said efforts need to be made during the next legislative session to strengthen animal abuse statutes in the state of Texas.

The most time a person can serve behind bars is two years in a state jail.

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