Psychologist indicted on allegations of tampering with government records

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A Harris County Grand Jury indicted Houston psychologist Dr. Carole Busick and her husband for tampering with government documents.

It was clear from the start that Busick and her husband did not want to talk to KPRC 2 News about the criminal charges leveled against them. When our crew arrived at her office in the Montrose, someone closed the blinds to the front window.

As we walked up to the front door to knock, a man locked it and walked away. Busick conducted psychological evaluations on prospective employees from the Harris County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement agencies.

She and her husband are charged with certifying psych evaluations, when in fact, the new hires had failed to meet professionally recognized standards.

All Texas Commission on Law Enforcement licensees are required to undergo a mental health evaluation before they can start work.

According to one assessment entered as evidence in the case against her in April 2014, Busick said one applicant was emotionally stable with the potential to be interpersonally aggressive and that he was normal, free of any significant psychopathology.

Busick's license was suspended following the raid on her office back in May.

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