Procedure brings relief to sinusitis sufferers

Sinusitis affects nasal openings leading to headaches, congestion

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor, Aaron Wische - Senior Executive Producer

HOUSTON - A minimally invasive procedure now exists to bring relief to people who suffer chronic sinusitis, a nasal condition that can be caused by anything from allergies to a person's anatomy.

Chronic sinusitis closes nasal openings, leading to headaches and congestion, though symptoms can vary.

"I think in different people it's different things and you have to take that into account when evaluating treatment plans for patients," Dr. Richard Callari said.

Dennis Dedomenico has suffered with severe sinusitis for years.

"What happens is (nasal passage ways) close up and everything backs up, and I get a sinus infection," he said.

When conservative approaches fail, Callari offers a procedure called balloon sinuplasty. A small telescope with a balloon is inserted in the nose to expand the opening.

The latest twist on this minimally invasive approach uses a computerized tomography scan to help guide and direct the scope.

The guided imaging makes the process more accurate and more comfortable for the patient.

Dedomenico was in an out in less than 30 minutes, and he is finally breathing easy.

"I feel great, glad I had it done," Dedomenico said.

The procedure is covered by insurance, but patients with polyps in the nose or a severe deviated septum are not candidates for the procedure. For those who qualify, the results are permanent.

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