Pro-choice rally underway in downtown Houston

Texas House to vote on anti-abortion bill

HOUSTON - A pro-choice rally is underway in downtown Houston as the abortion debate took place Tuesday in the Texas House.

Pro-choice advocate Andrea Greer has traveled to Austin several times to take part in rallies at the State Capitol.

"What's really at stake is fundamental health care for a lot of women," said Greer.

She watched Tuesday's debate from her laptop computer at home and plans to join the Stand With Texas Women bus tour when it arrives in Houston.

"I firmly believe no matter what you feel about abortion and it should be what you feel about it, and not what a legislator or a priest or anyone whose not there with you to make that choice wants to say about it," said Greer.

Sen. Wendy Davis, who made headlines when she filibustered to stop the anti-abortion bill, is joining other lawmakers in Houston.

Their message is simple: 37 of the state's 42 abortion centers will be forced to close if lawmakers pass tighter restrictions.

"Women will lose family planning services and cancer screening services that are being provided in a number of these facilities," said Davis.

But pro-life advocates are just as vocal, as the battle is being led by conservative leaders in favor of banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy.

"We are the voice of the weak and the vulnerable," said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. "Let us stand for life."

"Texas is and will remain a strong pro-life, pro-family freedom state," Gov. Rick Perry said.

Greer, however, sees this as an attack on choice and women's health.

"In this state, the legislature has refused to expand Medicaid coverage, refused to expand funding for family planning, so people fall back on abortion because we know birth control fails," Greer said.

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