Principal doesn't allow parents to escort kids to class on first day

The principal, who is a new to the school, sent parents an apology by phone

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

MISSOURI CITY, Texas - Tuesday will be the first day of school, again, at Quail Valley Elementary in Fort Bend ISD. 

On Monday, the school's new principal broke with a tradition that allowed parents to escort their students to classrooms on the first day of the school year.

That meant that 8-year-old Shelly Ross's mom, and many others, had to stop outside the school as her third grader headed to class.

"Some of them were traumatized. They were crying. It just wasn't a good situation at all. Especially for the first day of school. We can't get that back as parents," said Tuesday Andrews, Shelly Ross's mother. "It was really discouraging for me as well as other parents that were out there because we have always been able to walk our kids in on the first day. They're anxious. They're scared."

The principal, who is a new principal at the school, sent parents an apology by phone. She said it was her intention to make the school a safe place. But said the doors will be open to parents and guardians on Tuesday -- the second day of the new school year.

In the phone message the principal said, "It was my intention to check all visitors to provide a safe and secure environment for your children. I want to apologize for the inconvenience and heartbreak this might have caused."

Fort Bend ISD released a statement:

"The principal at Quail Valley Elementary is new this year, and she sent a phone message to parents and apologized for not honoring the school's traditions in allowing parents to walk their children to classrooms on the first day of school. She invited parents back to the school tomorrow to walk their children to classrooms. The District regrets the disappointment this school start has caused to Quail Valley Elementary parents and students. The school community needs the support of its parents, and the principal invites parents to meet with her to discuss ways to work together to help all of the students have a very successful school year."

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