Precinct 7 Sgt.'s car brakes sabotaged, warning issued for other officers

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Earlier this week, when a sergeant from the Harris County Precinct 7 Constable's Office noticed his brake light came on, he took his marked patrol car into the shop.  A worker there made a surprising discovery; There was a cut in the anti-lock brake system's line.  The spokesperson for the constable's office says the worker reported the finding.

"The maintenance technician, once he examined the wheel well, he realized that there was a cut in the line," said Pamela Greenwood, the public information officer for the Precinct 7 Constable.  

According to a release from Precinct 7, the technician found that the ABS lines of the vehicle had been intentionally cut. 

Greenwood said no one knows where something could have happened to the car because it is the sergeant's take home vehicle that patrols southeast Houston and Harris County. 

As the investigation began, the office sent out a warning to other law enforcement agencies to warn them a peace officer's car was sabotaged.

Greenwood said, "We got the word out to our deputies to be vigilant to make sure to check their equipment, their vehicles before they get in and drive off, and we want to make other law enforcement agencies aware of the same thing."

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