Prairie View councilman stunned by police in front of home

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas - A Prairie View city councilman was stunned and arrested by police in front of his home, and part of the incident was captured on video.

According to Prairie View police, officers approached four  men and  questioned them about recent disturbances or suspicious activity in the  area.

While police were questioning the men, Councilman Jonathan Miller, 26, interrupted the investigation, police said.

Miller knew the men being questioned, and many were guests at his home, according to a witness.

At least two witnesses of the arrest told Channel 2 Investigates they believed the police officer who deployed his Taser, used excessive force.

"As soon as they started pushing, I pulled out my camera, because if there's a camera the officer can't say my battery on my body cam went out or anything like that," Brandon Woodson said.

Woodson recorded part of the incident on his cellphone.

The clip Woodson forwarded to Channel 2 appeared to show a man being given commands and then falling forward, presumably after the Taser was deployed.

Police also recorded the incident with both body cameras and dash cameras.

Prairie View Police Chief Larry Johnson said Friday he would release the footage without delay.

"I haven't seen anything that gives me cause for concern as far as at this point," Johnson said.

Police said they ordered Miller to step back, but he refused. Miller was then told that he was being placed under arrest for interfering with the investigation. 

Police said Miller resisted arrest and that is when they deployed a Taser to subdue  him.

Miller was arrested and charged with interfering with a public servant and resisting arrest.

He bonded out of the Waller County jail Friday morning.

The officers involved in the incident included a female officer involved in the Sandra Bland arrest, the chief said.

Neither she nor any of the other Prairie View police officers have been suspended or taken off the streets while his department investigates the incident, the chief said.

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