Power outages leave people in dark, cold

High winds caused trees to fall on lines

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

KINGWOOD, Texas - Hundreds of people were left in the dark after the Christmas day storms knocked out power. 

In Kingwood, several streets in the Kings Manor neighborhood were without power and Entergy told Local 2 there were even more outages to the north in Montgomery County. 

Entergy blames the problem on trees weakened by the drought.  They were not able to handle the windy conditions on Christmas Day and many branches snapped and fell onto the lines.

"We're just gonna have to cope," said Jason Ego. "Maybe go to a motel or something for the night."

Ego said the power went out at their house in Kingwood around 10:30 Christmas morning.

"Poof, it flashed a couple of times," said Patti Ego. "Then it completely went out."

They're not alone. 

"We have lanterns and candles - everything in the house lit up," said Sarah Ranshaw.  "We're just gonna put added blankets on the bed and snuggle.  Hopefully it comes back tomorrow."

Many homeowners have seen their power come back on because crews were out working all day and night. 

Entergy said they requested assistance from Louisiana crews who also came to help get the electricity restored. 

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