Pothole causes problems on Richmond Avenue

Several people end up with flat tires and busted hubcaps

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HOUSTON - Nearly a dozen people are having to repair flat tires and busted rims because of a pothole on a busy southwest Houston street. The pothole is on the westbound lanes of Richmond Avenue and Woodland Park Drive.

Thousands of people use that street every day.

Our photographer found several hubcaps left near the pothole after they popped off from cars that hit it.

"I didn't see it because there is not a street light there and it's right in the middle of the road," said Javed Razak, whose tire was blown when he hit the pothole Monday night. "The gas station manager told me yesterday this happened and some people called 311, and I do not believe it's been fixed."

Ashraf Ghriri said the pothole has caused problems before and busted two tires on his sister's car last week.

"The same hole last week," he said.

After a line of cars began to stack up, a security guard from a nearby neighborhood put out a warning cone and a construction barrier.

There's no word yet on when it might be repaired.

"I don't know if the city is going to reimburse us or not, but they need to do something with that street," driver David Bustamonte said.

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