Texans want bigger say in GOP nomination

Texas Straw Poll Celebration scheduled for Jan. 12 - 14

HOUSTON - As the eyes of the nation focus on the results of the Iowa caucuses, some voters in Texas want more influence on the presidential primary process.

The Saddle Up Texas Poll could give conservative voters a voice in choosing the Republican party nominee for president, U.S. Senate and other critical races. 

Participants will vote on the candidates they prefer to win the Republican party nomination. Those results will be shared with conservative voters in other states.

The Texas Straw Poll Celebration will take place January 12 - 14 at Minute Maid Park.

According to organizers, this will be a historic event and it will be Texas' first statewide straw poll.

"Our vote is a very sacred thing in America and to have the right to go and cast your ballot for the best person to lead our country," said Bill Moore, a member of a Texas Conservative Grassroots Movement planning the event

The series of events will include speeches from elected officials and candidates for office.

"This is a voice of the people, saying this is who we would like to choose," said Moore.

Although Texas is a bigger state with more voters than Iowa, the Texas primary doesn't take place until April.