Community Activist, Black Republicans Support Cain

HOUSTON - Several people in the Houston area are speaking up in support of Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain as he fights back against allegations of sexual harassment.

The allegations against Cain date back to the 1990s when he served as chief executive officer of the National Restaurant Association.

On Wednesday, community activist Quanell X and Bill Calhoun, chairman of the Texas Federation of Republican Outreach, held a news conference in Houston to call for an end to what they said is a political witch hunt against Cain.

"This is a viscous and unprecedented attack" 'said Calhoun. "This is what they do to people who look like me when they've achieved a level of success, and it's not fair."

"This reeks of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas," said Quanell X. "The attacks I see happening against Herman Cain are unjust."

Both men admitted that their alliance on this controversial issue is unusual. Quanell X describes himself as politically independent. Calhoun is a prominent Republican.

However, both men said they believe Cain's reputation is being torn apart and his presidential campaign destroyed as a result of political and personal attacks.

Earlier this week, the Cain campaign seemed to blame an aide to presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry for leaking the information. Perry denies any involvement in the leak.

The women who accused Cain of inappropriate behavior have signed confidentiality agreements, however, an attorney for one alleged victim said the woman is considering a public statement.

Cain is scheduled to debate presidential candidate Newt Gingrich at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center in The Woodlands at 6 p.m. Saturday.

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