Police: Woman robbed at hair salon in Houston

Woman: Man stole jewelry, money from woman at Janie's Hair Fashions

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Police say a woman was robbed by a man she thought came in for a haircut Friday.

When a man walked into Janie's Hair Fashions on Clarewood in southwest Houston, the woman said the man pulled a weapon.

"He just came in, grabbed me, put a knife to my back, took me to the back room and pulled my rings off and my watch," said the woman. "(He) told me to go into the bathroom and if I came out, he would kill me."

The woman said when she came out of a back bathroom, the man again threatened to kill her again.

"I could hear him going through my stuff and the desk," said the woman. "Then I came out to see if he was gone and he wasn't gone. He yelled at me. If I came out, he repeated again, he would kill me. So I shut the door."

Finally, the woman said she came out and discovered that the man was gone. She called police for help.

The woman said the man not only stole her jewelry, but also stole her money.

Houston police said they are investigating.

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