Police: Woman pulls gun on pranksters

DEER PARK, Texas - A group of Deer Park children got the scare of their lifetime when, police said, they pulled a prank on a neighbor and, in response, she pulled a gun on them.

Deer Park police said last month a group of neighborhood kids ages ranging from 9-14 picked Cherry Reyes' home to "Ding Dong Ditch," a game where you knock on someone's door then scatter, only to have the homeowner answer to find nobody there.

According to police, Reyes didn't find the prank amusing in the slightest.

"Homeowner's daughter comes out with a baseball bat, confronts the group and starts to escort them back to the house, where it's alleged the homeowner confronted them and pointed a handgun at them," Detective Jason Meredith said.

According to the police report, Reyes made threats to at least one of the kids, saying to him, "If you run, I'm going to shoot you and beat up your parents."

Another one of the kids involved, age 10, told police Reyes pointed the gun at them and said, "You're lucky I didn't shoot your (expletive) head off."

Police said Reyes heard some sort of noise in her driveway just before the kids knocked on her door and that prompted her to grab her Glock 33 pistol.

"She believes her property could've possibly been damaged," said Meredith.

Police said that there was some sort of argument between Reyes and the kids' parents when she escorted them back home, gun in hand.

"The parents were OK with the fact that the lady would contact them in regards to where their kids were.  I think they felt she crossed the line when she armed herself, that there was no need for her to arm herself when confronting the kids," said Meredith.

Reyes faces aggravated assault charges.

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