Police: Woman attacked on walk home

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Police are looking for two men who attacked and robbed a woman walking home from a bus stop in Houston.

The woman asked Local 2 to not reveal her identity out of fear of the men who assaulted her.

It happened Tuesday around 8 p.m. after she was dropped off at the bus stop at Bellaire and Synott.

Through a translator, the woman said she was walking home with a bag in each hand, plus her purse, when two men passed her and then attacked her from behind.

"A man grabbed my hair, then twisted my arm, and grabbed my purse," she said. "He hurt me, my entire chest hurts."

The victim said the men also threw her to the ground.

"They could have just taken the purse, but hurt me? It shouldn't have happened," she said.

The victim said it was dark outside and she only got a vague description of the two men.

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