Police watch for drunken drivers leaving rodeo

HOUSTON - Drink, drive, go to jail. It's as simple as that. Law enforcement officers will be out in full force during the rodeo, so they want to remind people to get a designated driver.

The, Harris County Sheriff's Office, Houston Police Department, Texas Department of Safety and Harris County District Attorney's said they were coming together to make sure the roads are safe during this fun time. They said they will be looking for drunk drivers and prosecuting them.

Last March, police said, city-wide, there were 635 arrests and nine fatal wrecks that involved alcohol.

This year, they want to see that number reduced.

"Our whole main initiative with HPD is to save lives again on our state and local highways," said Sgt. John Sampa of Texas Department of Public Safety.

"I think this is something not a lot of people are aware of: If you are arrested for your fourth or more DWI, we can and will seize your car in cooperation through the D.A.'s office," said Lt. Craig Bellamy of the Houston Police Department.

Every weekend through March, law enforcement will hold no-refusal initiatives. If a person is suspected of drunken driving and refuses to take a breath test, police can get a search warrant to draw their blood.

Police said they have made some DWI arrests since this year's rodeo began.

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