Police: TSU student shoots, kills intruder

HOUSTON - A suspected armed home invader was shot to death after police said the homeowner surprised him with a gun of his own.

The crime happened Wednesday night in the 3000 block of Wentworth near Scott Street in southeast Houston, a few blocks from TSU.

Investigators said a man and his girlfriend and their 2-year-old daughter were inside a bottom unit at a four-plex unit when the intruder broke through a back door.

"It looks like an apparent home invasion," said Officer Christopher Hassig with the Houston Police Department. "(The) homeowner defended himself, fired an unknown number of rounds at the suspect."

Investigators said they found a firearm on the suspect, who collapsed and died in the hallway of the apartment. The shooter, his girlfriend and their daughter were not hurt, and residents said they understand why he fought back.

"I don't think he was wrong," said Brandy Albert, a neighbor. "He was trying to break into his house. He's got a right to defend his family at any cause."

Houston police identified the resident who shot the suspected intruder as William Woods, 24. Woods is a student at nearby Texas Southern University.

Investigators said the shooting is not connected to TSU, but University Police issued a community alert to make sure students and resident were aware of the break-in and shooting.

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