Police: Store clerk shoots suspected robber

HOUSTON - A store clerk is being hailed as a hero after shooting a suspect who police say was trying to rob a convenience store filled with customers.

Houston police said two men tried to rob the King Food Store at Homestead Road and Firnat Street. Investigators told Local 2 that around 3:15 p.m., one of the men walked into the store waving a gun and barking orders.

"They asked him for the money and stuff, and the guy came out and he shot him," said Laith Al Husanit, the store owner's son.

Al Husanit and other family members said several customers were inside at the time. They said the suspect went straight for the cash register, but was surprised when the worker behind the counter pulled his own gun.

"He was the cashier, he was working," said Al Husanit. "The guy, he pulled a gun on him and the guy got his gun before him, he shot him. The robber, he came in, he told everybody to get on the ground and the guy shot him."

"As far as I'm concerned, he did what he had to do," said Elsie Al Wardat, the clerk's wife.

Al Wardat, who had left the store just an hour before the shooting, confirms that version of the story, but takes it a step further. She said her husband should be hailed as a hero.

"My husband was in there working and the guy came in there with a gun and made everybody lay down on the floor," said Al Wardat. "He had to shoot him. He was protecting himself and protecting the customers in there."

Police detained one man, who reportedly was related to the suspect, who was shot once and transported to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition.

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