Police shoot coyote in neighborhood

HOUSTON - Residents in the Braeswood area cornered a coyote, and police shot it. 

People said they saw the coyote walking down Twin Hills in southwest Houston, just blocks from the bayou. 

A man in a pickup cornered the animal near a tree and fence.

"I've never seen one or heard one around here," said Nick Gianakis. 

Late Wednesday night, Gianakis saw that coyote in his Braeswood neighborhood. 

"The guy with the big old truck was chasing him and he was getting ready to run him over but he saw an opening and he ran," said Gianakis. 

It wasn't long before Houston police responded to help with what Texas Parks and Wildlife calls a nuisance. 

Officers cornered the coyote then shot it. 

"About 10 o'clock or so I heard pow, pow, pow. And he's not here now," said Gianakis.  

In Texas, it's legal to shoot a coyote. 

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