Police seek son of slain pastor for questioning in triple murder

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Crime scene investigators spent another full day at a Houston apartment where an Episcopal pastor, his wife and their 5-year-old son were found dead Monday. A fourth family member, the couple's 19-year-old son is still unaccounted for. Detectives are trying to locate him for questioning.

The bodies of Vicar Israel Ahimbisibwe, his wife Dorcus and their 5-year-old son, Israel Ahimbisibwe Jr., were discovered in the apartment in the 800 block of Strey Lane Monday morning after church members went there to check on them. The family failed to show up for services at the Redeemer Episcopal Church on Sunday.

According to sources, all three had been beaten to death, and their bodies stacked on top of each other inside the apartment. Police are unsure how long they had been dead. Autopsies were being performed on the victims Tuesday.

Investigators are also trying to locate 19-year-old Isaac Tiharihondi who shared the apartment with his parents and little brother.

Neighbors reported last seeing Isaac on the property Friday evening. He has not been seen since.

Isaac allegedly told church members he was going to enlist in the Marine Corps, but Marine recruiters in Houston said there is no record of that ever happening.

A drug identification unit was called to the apartment earlier Tuesday after they found a substance inside that resembled cocaine. Analysis of the substance determined it was not cocaine or any other kind of drug.

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