Police search for west-side mall flasher

Investigators say he exposed himself to several unsuspecting shoppers

HOUSTON - Police are searching for a man doing way more than just shopping at a mall. Investigators say he exposed himself to several unsuspecting shoppers.

Carolyn asked us not to use her last name because she doesn't want the suspect trying to look her up. She saw him last week in the Memorial City Mall parking lot as she was sitting in her car using her cellphone.

"I happen to look up in my rear view mirror and notice this gentleman is about 10 feet behind my car just staring at me, and he had his pants unzipped.

So she started the car and moved to another parking place.

"He follows my car over a couple of more lanes standing out in parking lot exposing himself," she said.

So she drove father away and called police. But before they got there, she saw a mall security guard pull up and question the suspect and let him go.

"I asked her, 'Why did you let him go?' She said what are you talking about, we only had a report he was looking in car windows. Then I explained to her that's not what he was doing he was exposing himself," Carolyn told Local 2.

She says the man was was wearing a yellow T-shirt with an IKEA logo on the chest and had ID tag around his neck with the name "Justin" printed on it.
She says police arrived, and were given all of that information plus his license number, and security video from the mall. She was surprised when we told her he hasn't been arrested.

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