Police search for pajama-wearing identity thief

Man writing counterfeit checks at local stores

HOUSTON - Mark Moran is conscientious about keeping track of his  monthly expenses.
"See what my funds are? See what's cleared?" Said Moran.
Yet his diligence was no match, police say, for this accused pajama - wearing  thief with one distinguishing physical trait.
"I noticed his elbow. Looks like his elbow has some fluid on it. I say this guy has some health problems" Says Sergeant Leona Peterson, with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.
Although health problems may be the least of his worries.
Police say this guy went on a shopping spree.
Emptying Mark Moran's bank account by using counterfeit checks, complete with routing numbers.
"The handwriting on the check was not mine" says Moran.
Investigators believe the man was able to manufacture counterfeit checks after buying Moran's personal information from somebody else who stole it from a company or business.
"They go buy this stuff. They have receipts so they can take it back to the store a couple of days later and get a full refund so they give them cash back" said Sergeant Peterson.

In the end, Moran was out over $800 dollars.

Now police need your help to find the guy they say is responsible.

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