Police search for man who stole purse from 8-year-old boy

The little crime fighter stood up and fought back when a man tried to steal his mom's purse

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A real-life "David and Goliath" unfolded at a southwest Houston gas station. An 8-year-old boy took on a thief who was trying to steal his mom's purse.

The little crime fighter stood up and fought back when a man tried to steal his mom's purse. Local 2 spoke with his mother, who says the entire thing was terrifying.

"It was really scary, he comes running to the door, I didn't know what was happening, everything happened so quickly, 'mommy they took your purse'," said Nancy Alonso.

Thursday morning, on the way to take her kids to school, Nancy Alonso made a quick stop to get gas.

While she was inside paying, a thief who thought he spotted an easy score makes a move for the exposed purse in their unlocked car.

But 8-year-old Jose Alonso, who was in the backseat with his sister, took matters into his own hands.

Surveillance footage showed Jose fighting over his mother's purse with the suspect. After the man snatched it away, Jose jumped out of the car and chased after the man and managed to grab his mother's wallet.

When asked why he made such a bold move, Jose said, "My sister's party was coming up and I wanted her to have her party, and I wanted my mom to get all of her stuff back."

"I was proud of him, but as a parent you think of all these things that could have happened or could have went wrong, but right now our main focus is, God forbid, if that ever happens again, just let them take what they want to take," said Alonso.

A lesson learned not only for her son, but also herself.

"Even though you are away from your car for a split second just to pay for gas, you need to always make sure you lock your doors and your kids are safe," said Nancy Alonso.

Police are still looking for that suspect, if you have any information you are asked to call Houston Police Department.

The suspect is described as a slender black man in his late 20's. He was last seen wearing jean shorts, a white button down shirt and a red hat.

If you can help police with the case, please give them a call.

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