Police propose neighborhood watch to stop speeding

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NBC 2 News

PUNTA GORDA, FL - Police in Punta Gorda, Florida, want to put a stop to speeding drivers, but they don't want taxpayers to spend money on more officers and cameras.

Instead, they are asking for volunteers to help stop speeding in their neighborhoods.

"I ride a bike. I can't tell you how many times. It's a nightmare," Punta Gorda resident John Remillard said.

The Punta Gorda Police Department has proposed a neighborhood speed watch which would put radar guns in the hands of volunteers who would be sitting in marked cars.

NBC 2 spoke  to residents who said the community has a lot of support around the proposed idea.

The volunteers would be trained to use a radar gun and give information to police. The volunteers wouldn't be able to hand out tickets, but instead, drivers would receive a letter in the mail as a warning for them to slow down.

The Punta Gorda City Council are expected to make a decision on the proposal in the coming months.

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