Police: Pregnant mother chases burglars

HOUSTON - A pregnant woman helps police take down two teens accused of breaking into her house, investigators say.

Jessica Munguia, four months pregnant and fresh off of bed rest, said she caught the thieves inside her southwest Houston home when she stopped to grab some diapers.

"I just pulled into my house and walked into somebody breaking into my house," said Munguia.

Munguia said she surprised the pair and came to face-to-face with them as they were coming out of her bedroom. The mother said they trashed it after breaking in through a back window in her son's bedroom.

"When I turned around, they were right there and they smiled at me. The one smiled at me. I couldn't believe it," said Munguia. "He had braces and he looked like a little kid. He looked like a baby, and so I was like, ‘Get out of my house. Leave. Just stop what you're doing, get out.'"

The teens didn't leave empty-handed. According to Munguia, her jewelry, including her engagement ring, a DVD player, and her husband's cologne are all missing. She said one of the thieves had her husband's tennis shoes in his hands, but was so startled he dropped them.

Munguia said the teens took off running, and she followed closely behind. The pregnant woman said she jumped in her car, pressed the OnStar button, and chased the burglars down the street with her two young boys in the backseat.

Munguia lost the teenagers when they jumped a fence. However, police were able to track the boys down a few blocks away and arrested them after the mother positively identified them as the suspects.

"They are morons. They are complete morons. It was probably a foolish decision on my part because that could have went a hundred different ways. I mean, I'm four months pregnant; they could have hurt me," she said.

Still, the wife and mother turned crime fighter said she has no regrets.

Munguia said police are supposed to return the stolen items they recovered tomorrow.

A charge of burglary is pending against 18-year-old Usvaldo Solis.

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