Police officer fatally shoots man who attacked family

HOUSTON - A Houston police officer fatally shot a man who forced his way into a southeast Houston home and assaulted a family, investigators said.

Houston police said it started after Kenneth Brian Releford, 38, broke into a home and began attacking a family at a home on Sampson Street near Francis Street.

The victim's 61-year-old son, Roy Abbs, said Releford broke down his 87-year-old father's front door at around midnight.

"He kicked the door in and went to my dad's bedroom and started tussling and I guess, being mental, he didn't know what he was doing," said Abbs. "We do know he had a mental problem."

Police said Releford beat up not only the 87-year-old man, but also attacked his two grandchildren, ages 12 and 14.

Officer fatally shoots man

"He hit one of them in the shoulder area," said Abbs. "One's 14 and the other is 12."

Neighbors called 911 and an officer arrived, found Releford and told him to put his hands up. Police said Releford refused and kept his left arm behind his back. A representative for the police department said that Releford approached Officer J. Rosemon and he fired his weapon at least two times, killing Releford.

According to investigators, Releford was not armed.  Police said because his arm was behind his back the whole time, Roseman feared he had some type of weapon.

Roseman has been on the police force for two years.

"I can understand the situation," said Releford's father, Audry. "Somebody come pounding on our door and call the police ... I feel like I would use a Taser before I use a weapon."

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